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Rob Ely is one of our most versatile and talented Tribute acts that Heater Productions has the priviledge of representing. His spot on rendition of Buddy Holly is no exception. This entertainer is the equivlent of an Oscar winning actor who hones their skills to perfect the character they are portraying. From his facial expressions, his extremely unique and recognizable vocals to his trademark glasses, Rob Ely takes you on a wonderful ride through the 50s with an entertainer whose star was just beginning to shine when his life was cut short at the young age of 21.

Now more than 50 years later a new star is shining and giving us a chance to relive what most of us never had a chance to experience the first time. There are many impersonaters who attempt to immulate a past or present star, but only a few can ever mirror not one, but two as well as Rob does. Wheather he's taking you back to the 50's with Buddy Holly or through the 60's & 70's with Elvis, we can gauarantee any venue that hires him that he's going to take your audiences back through the times with the same grace and style that the original artist did.

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