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Heater Productions prides ourselves on openess, transparency and good communication. We have left a trail of satisfied clients throughout the U.S. over the years and are happy to share letters, accolades, and testimonials. Much of our growth and success has been from repeat business and your recommendations. Heater Productions would like to express our sincere gratitude and affection to our clients- It's been a great 20 years!

Heater Productions



Just want to thank you for calling The Valley City Eagles 2192 and having us book the Garth Brooks Show on short notice-a Tuesday night. I was pretty concerned because I had to take you at your word that he was good. You really came thru for us, over 120 showed. I would not hesitate to use your agency again. Please feel free to contact us for a reference. We had a great show.

Richard Hass


Valley City ND


Monday, November 21, 2011 8:57 AM

We got a call from Heater Productions saying that Garrick would be in the area and asking if we wanted to book him for the night. We had never done anything like this in our Event Center so it was a risk for us, but one it turns out was well worth it! From the beginning Tammy was helpful in getting questions answered and the contract executed, and was in contact right up to and even after the show to see how everything was going. From there, Garrick was easy to communicate with and even sent in spots for local radio stations to play while they were doing ticket giveaways for us. He was even flexible in arranging an on-air interview. When he arrived the day of the show, he was very humble and easy to get along with, and had a great Canadian accent! When Garth came out, he was all country though and through. The crowd from young to old, loved him. He interacted a ton with crowd and took requests. The booking company and performer were equally easy and great to work with. We look forward to having him back!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Marketing Manager

Timberlake Lodge

To whom it may concern,

My name is Amanda and I own the Invasion Bar in Kaycee Wyoming. I have been working with Heater Productions since the 90's in two different bars and towns. This company has been sending us a huge variety of top rate entertainers out of Las Vegas for many years now. From Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls male & female revue, to performers that have been featured on top TV talent shows like Last Comic Standing & America's Got Talent.

My crowd has laughed until their stomachs hurt watching the Alien Warrior Comedian and sang and danced all night to best Garth Brooks impersonator I've ever seen in my life. At times of watching him perform, I actually forgot that it really wasn't him. I highly recomend this Production Company and any talent that your club has the pleasure of them sending to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Sincerely, Amanda Taylor

(Owner) Invasion Bar

(307) 738 - 2211

Jacole Fierro


Comments: Just wanted to say thank u from me n my friends here in cheyenne, wyoming! i dont remember the last time we had so much fun! Mama's Boys are amazing!! :)

Michelle Murray


comments: I am so very pleased to say I had Mama's Boys Male Review come to our bar, Gateway Saloon, in Vernal, Utah, June 5, 2010. I have heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone, many saying it is the most fun they have had in years. Everyone was wonderful, professional and so much fun and it was honestly the most fun I have ever had. I would recommend booking this show for anyone's club, our sales were phenomenal and the atmoshpere was fun and inviting. My entire staff enjoyed everyone so much and loved being apart of the night. Thanks so much, Roger, Tammy, and all the boys of the male review, you are already missed and we hope to have you back soon.



comments: Hey guys.I will never forget how much fun my sister krissy and i had when all of u came to winnamucca funnest night ever! Your show is amazingly hot and so are ur boddies mm mm mm so yummie. thanks melissa

In March 2010 my club Mikes Tavern located in Cedar City Utah had the pleasure to book Heater Productions female dance revue DADDYS GIRLS. The show played to a full house filled with both men and women. As a bar owner located in Utah I was hesitant at first that the show content would be to raw for our state. But much to my surprise it was very well put together with classy gorgeous women that wore sexy but appropriate attire and with pasties covering there breasts. They stayed within the guide lines of the law. The crowd loved the show and have been asking when they are going to return. We had the privilege of booking Mama's Boys, Heater Productions all male revue that also performed to a more than satisfied crowd. I recommend either group for your establishment. It was proven to be not only a fun evening, but a lucrative one as well.

Mike Wilson

Mikes Tavern

March 30, 2010

My night club recently booked Daddy's Girls female dancers for two nights. A Thursday and a Friday in March 2010. Since we worked with Heater Productions, the company that brought Mama's Boys male revue to us in the past we knew this was also going to be a great show. Daddy's Girls even passed our expectations. The girls were very cute and sexy, they looked like they were right out of the pages of Playboy. Our Thursday night drew a smaller crowd of about 50 men, but the show was so enjoyed that the second night our bar was packed and stayed packed long after the show was over. The biggest highlight of the evening was the bidding to cream wrestling with the girls. All can say about this show is fun fun fun.


Becky Connelly

Owner: Absolute Distraction

Show Low, Arizona

Here's a quote from a club that had us during the week-

Heater Productions brought Mamas Boys to Rawlins WY on Tuesday January 19th 2010. All J.R.s Lounge can say is thank you so much for the show. The performance was great, really organized and nothing but fun and funny. When I say this I speak for the whole lounge including the D.J. Great music and a perfect A+ on the jams played for dancers-Says D.J. ZALAZ .If I had the pleasure to invite them again, it would a definite must have. We were very hesitant to bring in a show on a Tuesday night, but it proved to be better than some of our weekend sales. It not only will increase your customers, but sales also will shoot up through the roof in only one night. It was a pleasure having Heater Productions in Rawlins, WY.



Business Owner: Juan Rodriguez

DJ: Salvador Salas Jr.


Nov 20 2009 6:07 AM

Thanks for the wonderful show in Delta Colo. last night. I am one of the ladies that came with the money.

You GUYS are AWESOME. We loved it. Let me know when your coming back and we will have a packed house for yall.

I loved it.....Keep up the good work guys...Be safe on the road...See yall in Feb


Nov 19 2009 7:31 PM

let us know when you are heading back through Moab ....


Nov 18 2009 1:29 PM

thanks for the great show last night had a blast with you guys thanks for the picture you guys are the best.

Ginnie Barnson Smooth Criminal is an awesome show!!!! The world should be booking this show :-)

Heater Productions is the bomb!

Tami Rice


comments: My friend and I attended your show last week in Pine, AZ @ Sidewinders and had so much fun! We hope to see you guys back again soon. We were sitting front row and had a great time! Thanks for an exciting evening!

We recently had the pleasure of booking Heater Productions' Smooth Criminal Tour featuring Mama's Boys All Male Revue at Sidewinders Saloon in Pine, AZ. We would recommend this show to any club. The Production Company and the entertainers were very professional. The show drew a large crowd on a night that would normally only have a few people and the entertainers stayed in our club keeping the customers there until long after the show was over.

Our customers had a great time and it "was the talk of the town" for days afterward. We look forward to booking them again.

Warm regards,

Carol and Tony Gianndrea

Owners, Sidewinders Saloon


Pine, AZ 85544


(480)-216-7620 cell


I had the opportunity to see Mamas Boys (All Male Revue) perform for the very first time in early September at the Flex Lounge in Las Vegas.

The show was great!! As it was the guys first show it took a few minutes for them to get their groove, but once they did; they and the crowd had a great time. The show itself lasted for nearly 2 ½ hours and they continued to get the audience involved keeping everyone laughing and enjoying their night.

I dont think I have met any entertainers before who were so genuinely nice. After the show the guys hung around and socialized with the crowd asking for feedback and just getting to know new people.

The guys in the show are HOT, and everyone enjoyed watching them. I look forward to their next show at Flex.

Dave -

Flex Lounge, Las Vegas had the opportunity to host the first show for the new Smooth Criminal Tour featuring Mama's Boys All Male Revue in early September.

The show was a huge success for Heater Productions as well as our establishment. The show drew a large crowd on a night that would have normally been slow for the club.

The entertainers along with the production crew were extremely professional and very friendly when having any interaction with the club staff. The guys were very interactive with all the patrons and stayed well after the show was over to socialize, keeping the patrons around longer than anticipated.

Overall, we would recommend this show to any club. You won't meet a nicer group of guys to host in your establishment. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from our patrons and look forward to hosting Mama's Boys again in the very near future.

Shelly - Bar Owner


Flex Lounge

4371 W. Charleston

Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 385-3539

"Closest resemblance you could ever see or hear to the real Garth Brooks !"

"Customers are asking me when he's coming back"....

Michelle Murray

Owner Gateway Saloon


"Simply Amazing!" Had a dinner show, booked him for 2 nights.... The shows were a huge success!


Country Steak-Out

Vernal Utah


Fort Morgan,Co

"This is the second time we had him back- Awesome show!"


"I would recommend this show to anyone"!

Bernie, Owner

Sports Center Lounge

Delta, Co

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